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How to Make Confetti Eggs

How to Make Confetti Eggs

This year Easter falls on April Fools Day, which means the perfect time to surprise your loved ones with a confetti surprise! Borrowed from many Latin cultures, confetti eggs or Cascarones are eggs that are hollowed out and filled with confetti or glitter. Simple enough to recreate at home, get messy with the kiddos and have a lot fun!

What you'll need:

  • eggs
  • confetti 
  • tissue paper
  • paper mache paste 
  • crayons, markers, stickers or paints to decorate eggs once completed

Steps for creating confetti eggs:

1. Pick up your favorite party confetti at your local craft store. Or get the hole punches out and make your own confetti. 

2. Mix equals parts water and flour together to create a paper mache paste. 

3. Create a little hole in the top of the egg by gently tapping it on a hard surface, then pealing away the shell. 

4. Gently shake out the egg. Put egg yolks and whites aside for a quiche or frittata for dinner. 

5. Rinse shells in cold water and place upside down on a paper towel to dry. 

6. When eggs are dry, fill each one with the confetti and glitter. 

7. Now for the patching! Place piece of tissue paper over the whole and paint paper mache paste over it to hold in place. 

8. After paste has fully dried, decorate the outside with crayons, markers, stickers or whatever is on-hand. 

Now that the eggs are empty, rinse with water and turn them over on a paper towel to dry. 

Once dry, you can start filling each eggs with the confetti you made. This was probably my kids favorite part. I tried keeping the mess contained by giving each child a bowl to work over. Work gently to not break the eggs. My two year old squeezed his as soon as it was full but the bigger kids were all successful in not cracking their eggs. 

Once your eggs are full of confetti and glitter, place a small piece of tissue paper over the opening. Then paint the paper mache paste along the sides of the tissue paper to hold it in place.

Give the paper mache a chance to dry (30-45 minutes). It shouldn't feel wet or gooey to the touch. This may take longer if you were heavy-handed with the paste as my five year old daughter was. Once completely dry, decorate the outsides with whatever craft supplies you like - crayons, markers, stickers, paint, etc. Get crafty!


Be sure to have the your phone ready to capture the eggs exploding in slomo. Or play an April Fools Day joke by cracking them on unsuspecting family members. Share your videos, tag @merrilulushop and be sure to check back on our Instagram and Facebook pages for our confetti egg video. 



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